#2 Cars to Bras, the journey of a blind, transgender designer, with Chris Davis (Wicked Waists)

This is the second episode of our ‘Celebrating non-conformist’s series’. The series intends to unpack and celebrate the thinking, philosophy, experiences and lives of as many non-conformists as Lena Robinson, founder/fixer of FTSQ, can find to interview.


Chris Davis, a blind, transgender fashion designer, inspired by the likes of David Bowie, Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McLaren and Balenciaga, talks us through an inspiring life story. The story begins with Chris as a small boy ‘dressing up’ at his Grandmother’s, being given a hard time at school, living in a rich and vibrant Camden at the height of the punk era, losing his sight and finally transitioning from panel-beater to fashion designer of alternative, bespoke clothing. It’s a fascinating journey and perfectly timed to celebrate non-conformity and diversity during pride month.

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