Our approach

We have an intense dislike of accepting ‘the norm’. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes the status quo should stay right where it is, because it works. But, sometimes it’s time to say “F*** The Status Quo” and find someone with the expertise to help navigate change while giving a shit about you and your business.

We love helping those that have the guts to ask for it and are very focused on supporting non-conformist business owners think differently and, if needs be, get out of their own way.

Businesses can plateau, they can hit brick wall after brick wall and sometimes even start to get a bit boring. But, because we have a non-conformist approach to supporting unconventional business owners, we’re able to help them take advantage of their difference, rather than feel pressured to conform to the norm. If any of this sounds like you, then we can help you FTSQ the heck out of pretty much anything getting in your way.

The audit of everything

Don’t worry. It’s not as boring or scary as it sounds. It’s simply our way of finding out what’s getting in the way of your business achieving its full potential. We will spend time with you, asking you a whole lot of questions to get to the root of what’s really holding your business back.

Move from manager to leader

We’ve come across a lot of business owners that were brilliant practitioners. They saw their bosses doing things a certain way and thought they could do it better. But, once they started they realised that there’s a lot more to being a boss than being good at what you do.

360° interviews - know your clients better

You’d be surprised how many businesses make assumptions about their clients. You know what they say about the word ‘assume’ right…? We spend time talking to your clients and getting them to spill the beans on what they really think about you and your business. You’d be amazed at what we manage to uncover, it’s eye-opening, but ultimately provides insight that you can act upon.