Don’t make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’

Too many people ass-u-me they know what their client’s are thinking; what excites them; what they need help with. And often it’s wrong. Why? Because, like any relationship, over time, communication can break down and you can take each other for granted. And, sometimes, because you don’t want to hurt each other’s feelings, you only tell each other half truths. This can lead to the relationship not being as an effective partnership as it could be.

We have developed a way of interviewing (usually more focused for the B2B world) that gets them downloading more intel than you could ever imagine. You need to be brave, because we do ask them to give us the “good, the bad and the ugly”. But, it not only gets your clients telling us things you weren’t aware of, but it gives us the chance to open up new conversations (nine times out of ten your clients are unaware of everything you have to offer).

At the end of this process you will get:

  1. raw data from the conversation we’ve had (anonymised)

  2. the insights we’ve been able to uncover

  3. our recommendations on how to:
    - make more of the good
    - fix the bad
    - get rid of the ugly