Why does FTSQ exist?

We exist to champion the unconventional, the different and the unorthodox. Throughout our lives we’ve witnessed too many brilliant people being told, by teachers, friends, bosses and sometimes even parents, that in order to succeed, they need to conform. As a result they have often felt like square pegs in round holes.

We say…f*** that!

We want non-conformists to understand that their difference is actually their biggest strength. It’s why we want to help them realise it’s time to f*** the status quo.

We want to use our knowledge, experience and fresh thinking to champion every non-conformist that has ever been told they “need to be more 'vanilla'”, or that they “need to work harder to fit in”.

Just in case you hadn’t figured it out, our founder is one of the non-conformists we’re talking about. She has constantly been told to conform throughout her life and career. But, she’s quite a ballsy Kiwi, so she was always able to fight her own corner on that score. But, she is well aware, that sometimes even the ballsiest non-conformist can get tired of fighting on their own and just need someone to have their back.

Recently Lena decided to take a different path than the one she's been on. She's got 27 years of business experience, and has been there and done that in ways most people can't even imagine. She's been successfully helping other businesses grow and advance for years, but a recent bout of quite serious illness made her realise she wasn't being half as brave as she could be and so she thought it was time to 'turn it up to 11' and challenge herself to rip up the rule book. One of her favourite sayings is "Think outside the box? As far as I'm concerned there is no f***ing box." And that is why she’s on a journey towards doing things differently for her own business and for the businesses we work with.

We’re going to be honest, it's still a work in progress, but then I guess if you truly intend to F*** The Status Quo, you should always be in a state of work in progress right?

Ultimately we exist to F*** The Status Quo; challenge what exists; keep what’s working; fix what isn’t. We want to make sure that non-conformists don’t lose the fight, don’t end up conforming and remain gorgeously different.