#3 I refuse your label of non-conformist – Katy Howell (immediate future)

This is the third episode of our ‘Celebrating non-conformist’s series’. The series intends to unpack and celebrate the thinking, philosophy, experiences and lives of as many non-conformists as Lena Robinson, founder/fixer of FTSQ, can find to interview.

Katy Howell takes us on a comical life journey. Born in the 60’s to courageous immigrants. Being a kid in the racist 70’s. Growing Judicious balls at university in the 80’s. Not fitting into a world of white male advertising in the 90’s and finally achieving influencer status on radio and tv as an accidental agency owner of ‘immediate future’ in the naughties. It’s a witty story of exclusion and self-acceptance, with a whole lot of bravery and fighting spirit chucked in.

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