It's time for the non-conformists to stand up

This is my first ever FTSQ blog and I wanted to make it all about the celebration of non-conformists.

My whole life I’ve shied away from ‘normal’ and have been attracted to non-conformists, artists, actors, musicians, writers and entrepreneurs. I blame my parents for that wonderful gift (although Mum says I get this love of non-conformists from my Dad ha ha). It was a house full of stresses and passions, hard work and ethics, almighty failures and roaring successes. But always, it was full of love and colourful visitors. I was lucky enough to grow up believing in myself, to always do what’s right, surrounded by inspirational people determined to tread their own paths.

Some were broken and needed looking after (my family has always taken in the strays and waifs), some had their shit sorted and became reasonably famous, some had huge voices that sang out across the globe, some were quietly perched in dark corners scribbling heart-wrenching prose. and some were painting some of the most breath-taking images the world has ever seen. I couldn’t help but grow up wanting to support these types of people.

But, do you know what being around these types of people taught me? That, if nurtured and supported, it’s their difference that made them stand out far and above ‘the norm’.

Having worked in many corporates and small business I’ve seen first-hand so many brilliant people become disheartened by bosses, parents and even partners telling them they “need to conform”. I’ve even fallen foul of it myself with a few well-meaning (and let’s be fair, not so well-meaning bosses). And I just don’t want to see it happening any more, not when I have the skills, passion and drive to help ensure as many non-conformists as I can stay bright and brilliant and keep those of us like me inspired to be around them.

So, here we are. I’ve launched a new business consultancy called FTSQ. I’ve managed to hire a brilliant non-conformist in Oliver Lapsley, my Research and Innovation Dude (R.A.I.D.), snatching him from the jaws of ‘the status quo’ in the nick of time. I’ve had the inspiration and support of my best mate Kohlben Vodden from StoryScience who has created the most beautifully kick-arse branding in the entire world and it’s now time to get to work shouting “Fuck The Status Quo” from the rooftops.

Wooooooo….fucking….hooooooo! Let’s get this show on the road people. If you are a non-conformist, now is your time! Stand up!