Who is FTSQ?

We’re unlike any business consultancy you’ll have met before. We love working with non-conformists and get a massive buzz out of helping them kick arse.

The team is a living example of who we are and what we care about.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and every instinct in your being said “Hire them, hire them now, before the potential gets beaten out of them”? That’s what happened to our founder Lena when she was introduced to Oliver just weeks before she launched this consultancy.

Lena decided to trust her instincts and hired him before the ink was even dry on the sale of her old business. Here was a young lad from the most far flung corner of the earth, who was as passionate about doing things differently in business as she was. Someone that had a hunger to learn, but had the patience, guts and ‘young brain’ to teach the ‘old brain’ (that’s Lena) a thing or two and join her in saying: “F*** the status quo”.

We are:

  • Always honest: We’ll always do what we say and are accountable for what we do.

  • Brave enough to challenge: We’ll always challenge ourselves, you and the status quo.

  • People that always care: People are at the centre of everything we do. It’s why we’ll always act with honour, decency and thoughtfulness.


The ‘old brain’ (Founder/Fixer)

Lena’s a straight talking Kiwi that’s worked in London for the last 15 years. Recently she decided to throw a grenade into her life and started up FTSQ. Her goal is to support non-conformist business owners to achieve all the things they were told they couldn't and more, by challenging current ways of thinking when it comes to running a business, in every possible way. 

She uses all the knowledge and experience she’s gained after 27 years in business to helps others. She had a successful career in 'adland', started three companies (FTSQ’s her third, having just sold her second). Lena has traded her parents business out of near disaster when the Inland Revenue (NZ equivalent to HMRC) was threatening to end them. Has mentored many bright young people that have gone on to do amazing things, has helped change the fortunes of many of the businesses she’s advised and made shit loads of money for the companies she’s worked for and with.

She’ll challenge you, but she’ll do it with a lot of love and a lot of laughs, because for her, the most rewarding thing in life is having had a hand in the success of the people she’s worked with.

The ‘young brain’ (R.A.I.D.)

Oliver brings the fresh thinking to the team. He has the ‘can do’ attitude and natural ingenuity Kiwi’s have become known for the world over. He hasn’t been to university, so hasn’t been bogged/down or restrained by ‘normal thinking’ and is definitely a non-conformist in every way. It’s why he wanted to take a different career path to most and why FTSQ was so happy to bring him into the team.

Having grown up in the digital era, technology is a second language to Oliver. He is excited to be given the opportunity to help our client’s stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest gadgets, widgets, apps, software and thinking on offer.

At the age of 13 Oliver built an affiliate marketing website and immediately had a small business running out of his bedroom. And then, throughout his high school years he was a CEO, steering the direction of two other small businesses with several of his high school mates. This gave him the platform to be heavily involved in the youth startup scene in New Zealand (it’s a big reason why New Zealand was voted by Forbes as the top country to start a business in).

As you can imagine, Oliver loves being thrown in the deep end, luckily he knows how to learn to swim quickly. If you want to work with someone with huge amounts of passion for learning all about your business, taking a big bold idea and turning it into a reality, then who better to have in your corner than someone that wants to change the world.