So what’s this business audit all about?

The audit is kick-started by a workshop aimed at unearthing the three things we think get in the way of businesses.

  1. What’s broken and needs fixing

  2. Where the gaps are that need filling

  3. What untapped potential exists, that needs repackaging

Once that stage is done, we recommend the best way to go about sorting that lot out. We call it the ‘Three C’s’:

  • Consultancy - that’s the stuff we can help you with

  • Collaboration - embodied in ‘The Collective’, a group of strategic partners, that fix things we don’t

  • Community - If FTSQ or ‘The Collective’ can’t provide answers, we’ll tap into our wider network

Once the ‘who’ is sorted, this bespoke team of experts will set about sorting things out for you. The coolest bit is that they ‘get’ the ‘non-conformist’ mind-set and want to protect it as much as we do.